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Preston-based, freelance web-designer and developer, social media marketing professional, logo and promotional video creator, and SEO expert. multi-page websites starting from £749 for a WP build, and from £3500 for a coded website.

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Hi, I’m Sami (or just Sam for short). I’m a freelance web designer in Preston. My skills include: making websites, designing logos and getting your businesses on search engines.

I strive to give you exactly what you want for your website. I’m known to chuck in freebies along the way. When I am finished and we have launched your website, the aftercare continues. I don’t leave anybody in the dark, so if you have any questions, please just ask.

I’m a family man who works from home. I have two beautiful girls, Mischa (11) and Izzy (9) and a gorgeous partner, Charlie. This job is perfect for me because I get to stay home with my family.

I’ve been making websites since a very young age, and – not to show off – but I have a long list of positive reviews to testify to my work and customer care.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


If you have a business, but don’t have a website, you are missing out on the world’s largest selling platform. With prices from £749, there has never been a better time to get your business online. Because I work from home, I am near enough always contactable; day or night, so we can always communicate at a time that suits you. Another benefit is that I don’t have any overheads or office rent to pay, meaning that I can pass those savings on to you.


If you choose to get multiple services from me, I’ll pretty much always manage to do you some sort of a deal. I’ve been known to swap favours for cheese, odd trade jobs and even a couple of pints (OK, not pints…I’ll be honest, strawberry daiquiris)! So don’t get hung up on the prices, we can usually sort something out and make sure that you get the website/app/logo/video that you desire.

What I can do for you

Web Design

Because I’m a freelance web designer in Preston. I don’t have many overhead bills myself, so I can pass those savings onto you. I can give you 5 pages from £749. I’ll chuck in the following:

  • a website that fits perfectly on mobile, tablet, laptop and PC
  • the domain name
  • first year server rental
  • Search Engine rankings worth £250 (so you appear on Search Engine searches)
  • a business forwarding email address eg, which gives a more professional look when handing out business cards or giving contact details out
  • a secure contact form that sends messages from your website direct to your email address
  • a link to your social media page

If there’s anything specific you want, just let me know.

If you would like an eCommerce element adding (so you can sell your products online,) it’s just from £500 on top of which ever package you chose. I’ll create it so you can handle products and prices yourself, and also hook up to your payment vender, so you can add and remove products, manage stock amount etc.

If you require more pages, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to give you a bespoke price tailored to your needs.

Social Media Marketing

All you have to do is respond to the people enquiring about your services on your various social media sites, then I post a set advertisement (a sales pitch and some photos of your trade), before posting them to the largest buy and sell groups in your chosen areas.

This is a tried and tested method that has worked for loads of people, I have reviews to testify to it. For most businesses, this is how you really start to build up your web traffic and increase your earnings.

Logo Design & Promotional Videos

If you have a business but don’t have a logo, then – to be blunt – your business has no brand, which is vital for people to recognise it. Here I offer logo design free with each 5 page and above website design, or if you would just like a logo, they’re £250.

If you would like a promotional video to really make your brand stand out, you are looking from £350.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Included with each website (the thing that gets you high up the rankings with search engines).


Customer service
Web design
Logo design
Social media marketing

Manage it yourself

If you commission me to build your website, I will include the very popular WPCMS (WPs Content Management System). This means that you can change the text and photo content of your website yourself, it’s just as easy as updating your Facebook status, so there is no need to worry about it being super hard (plus I’m just at the end of the phone if you ever need a hand).

Freelance web designer in Preston